Digital strategy
and business consulting

Analysis and design of product features, distribution model and monetization.

Continuous market monitoring.
D-Share consulting team analyze market trends and the evolution of the media business models in the world with the aim of providing key-facts and guidance to our customers.
International experience.
Over 10 years, D-Share has participated to projects in several countries supporting customers in the development of new products, features and monetization models.
Specialized teams.
Our consulting activities are conducted by teams which involve analysts, project managers, consultants, digital experts, journalists, designers and software engineers.

Behind every great product there is great strategy.

As the media landscape continues to evolve, D-Share helps clients in developing products that combine a strategic vision with a deep understanding of market and end-user needs. Our digital media and editorial experts provide consulting services that enable clients to identify key-factors with the aim of translating ideas into concrete opportunities within their paid and non-paid digital channels.


Turn ideas into market-ready products.

The D-Share approach uses a combination of skills with the aim of transforming ideas into projects and, finally, market-ready products. Because each brand is unique, our team combines D-Share knowledge and universal best practices with the customer approach, values, market positioning and internal organization to achieve business goals with the highest effectiveness and economic returns.