Born for news.

Create, manage and publish real-time content with Kolumbus, the digital content management system specifically developed for news production.

Developed for news production.
Kolumbus Digital CMS is an innovative content management system specifically designed for news and real-time production.
State-of-the-art architecture.
Kolumbus offers unparalleled reliability to ensure the highest performance even in most critical traffic situations.
Advanced editing features.
Create content with state-of-the-art features, then publish over several digital channels within a world-class distribution model.

A mission-critical CMS for news publishers and all content-intensive organizations.

D-Share’s Kolumbus is a mission-critical content management system developed for publishers, broadcasters, news agencies, real time content producers and all those organizations that need a digital content editing and distribution software. Its mission is to provide cutting-edge features and tools for creating, editing and managing content and an industrial-strength distribution model capable of delivering content to the largest audiences.

Powerful features for content creation and management.

Create and manage content from everywhere with Kolumbus browser-based desktop or make content on-the-fly with Kolumbus mobile app. Kolumbus Digital CMS offers a wide range of features for editing all kind of content-types, managing multimedia, control presentation and layouts, organize categories. With Kolumbus, publishers can manage multiple website and distribute content across several channels, including web, mobile devices and social networks. A customizable workflow engine ensures the fastest interaction between editors, keeping under control all content, feeds and data coming from external sources.


Easy integration and customization.

Kolumbus Digital CMS service-oriented architecture ensure an easy integration with publisher processes and third-party solutions such as Multimedia Asset Management, Analytics, Identity and Single-Sign-On. Thanks to a decoupled architecture and a flexible front-end engine, publishers can develop custom end-user features and manage websites in Kolumbus using standard web technologies.


A robust architecture for high availability and unparalleled performances.

Kolumbus distribution combines the logic of an advanced auto-scaling model with the power of a native integration with caching technologies and CDNs to ensures world-class performances in all traffic situations. Its high availability architecture guarantees the highest SLA in terms of system availability and uptime.


Headless or traditional headed CMS: Kolumbus offers both.

Kolumbus Digital CMS offers an end-to-end environment for distributing websites to end users which includes a template engine for managing and applying graphics, styles and all end-user interactions behaviors. Also, a headless version of Kolumbus is available for integrating customer's distribution processes and other web services-oriented channels such as mobile applications.


Powered by Amazon AWS. Available also on-premise.

Kolumbus runs on Amazon AWS using managed services and other components including computing, storage and delivery. The Kolumbus architecture on Amazon AWS guarantee the best performance and the optimization of operating costs thanks to a on-demand approach in using resources, but also an on-premise version of Kolumbus is available for traditional installations.