Software Development
& System Integration

Highly specialized professional services for custom-built solutions.

Tailor-made solutions.
D-Share provides knowledge and people for the development, integration and maintenance of software solutions in the media industry.
Focus on digital media.
Our focus on content and our understanding of media business ensure the highest specialization and a faster time to market.
Digital acceleration enablers.
Over the last 10 years, D-Share has supported several customers in different Countries in accelerating their digital business with technology.

Best in class professional services and knowledge.

Our mission is to help customers in the media industry achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class professional services for system integration, tailor made software solutions and digital projects. We ensure the highest levels of satisfaction through a deep-set commitment, comprehensive industry expertise and unparalleled knowledge.


Vertical focus: news and digital media.

Thanks to our strong, vertical expertise, D-Share professional services are specifically focused on the media industry with the aim of providing publishers, broadcasters, news agencies and other media companies with highly specialized services for the development of digital projects and software solutions.